How Can Tire Recycling Equipment Turn Scrap Tire Into Profit

Scrap tires have been a huge headache for nearly every country on earth. They don’t recycle well, they clog up landfills and never degrade. If you pile them up they hold water that breeds mosquitoes by the millions. Now, however, a new process looks like it’s going to revolutionize the recycling of old used tires. In fact, this process may be able to actually turn a profit from the millions of tires that are thrown away each year. Let’s take a look at the tyre recycling plant available right now.

Tyre Recycling Equipment to Canada
Tyre Recycling Equipment to Canada

Pyrolysis Is Thermal Decomposition

What the main part of this process involves is baking the tires at a very high temperature in a reactor chamber. The chamber must be oxygen free to prevent the tires from catching fire, that’s very important. Once the tires are heated to over 425 C the rubber melts down and decomposes into basic ingredients. And, as long as there is no oxygen present, there is no fire, and more importantly, no toxic fumes or poisonous emissions.

The basic products through waste pyrolysis plant are mostly oil, gas, and carbon black. Each of these is a very basic product that can be resold on the open market for a profit. The oil that comes out of the reactor chamber is, at first, a vapor because of the high heat. It is included with the combustible gases that are produced and they are both fed into a condenser that cools the oil to a liquid and sorts it into light oil, medium, and heavy.

Various End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Various End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Each grade of oil can be sold for different purposes. Many large manufacturers use them as fuel to run their boilers. For that purpose, they can be used “as-is” with no further refining. However, they can be refined into diesel fuel or gasoline fairly easily by a refinery. Some large ships can also run on them without refining as well.

The gases that are emitted are almost always used by the pyrolysis machine itself to heat the reactor chamber. This saves money since no fuel needs to be purchased and the waste gas is used completely. Carbon black has many uses in the industrial world either manufacturing more tires or making rubber tubing. It can also be burned further as fuel and carbon recycled into other products.

Tyre Recycling Process

At the beginning of the process, the tires are usually run through a giant shredding machine that turns them into chips and removes the steel belts. The steel can also be recycled and has a high value as well.

The entire plant runs mostly off of the tires that it recycles and they are very environmentally friendly emitting very little air pollution at all. They are a huge step in cleaning up a waste tire problem that has plagued the planet for over 100 years.

If your city is looking at a giant pile of scrap tires and wondering what to do, you can install a waste recycling plant and start earning a profit right away. Get a plant from a known long-term supplier that stocks replacement and repair parts locally. Read the reviews by previous customers to see if the plants are durable and the customer service excellent. Then start profiting from waste tires.

Get A Useful Tire Pyrolysis Machine Indonesia

A lot of people are worried about waste tyres lying around their area. If not attended on time, used tyres can be a safe home for mold growth as well as other harmful diseases that can affect your health. Most of the folks wish to contribute to getting rid of this problem. If you happen to be one of these health and environment-conscious individuals, invest in the tyre pyrolysis plant Indonesia.

Waste tyres are not easy to break down. Plus, they take up a lot of space that can be used for some constructive chores. You may get rid of these issues by recycling those tyres through the tire pyrolysis machine from Beston Machinery. As well as doing away with used tyres, you get an opportunity to make money.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Where to Order Tire Pyrolysis Machine?

The good thing is many vendors sell the tyre pyrolysis equipment. However, the bad thing is plants offered by most of the vendors aren’t worth considering. You need to rely on a reputed vendor that has a proven track record of offering high-quality machines to buyers.

It’s here Beston Machinery outsmarts others. The vendor provides a range of pyrolysis plants to suit the preferences and budget of various types of investors. Also, the quality and durability of their machines are unmatched. Visit to see specific parameter.

Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

The plant allows you to transform worn-out tyres into usable products such as oil and carbon black. Pyrolysis technology is able to reduce black pollution to a large extent, and it’s highly applauded by businesses all over the world.

During pyrolysis, tyres get decomposed into other products. Once the temperature of the plant reaches 100 degrees centigrade, the process of decomposition takes place. Pyrolysis begins and generates products in a heated furnace. Finally, the products are cooled and dispensed in a collector.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plants
Beston Tire Pyrolysis Machine for Sale

Final Products and Their Applications

The plant discharges various products that can be sold in the market for a high monetary value. Fuel oil, steel wire, combustible gas, and carbon black are obtained from the plant.

You can make carbon blocks or carbon of higher value by reprocessing carbon black. Combustible gas is one of the most expensive fuels out there; you can earn big money by selling it in the market. Fuel oil can be used in restaurants, factories, and power plants. On the other hand, steel wire has its usage in various sectors and will fetch you a great deal of money.

Features of the Tire Pyrolysis Machine

At this point, you might be familiar with some of the basics of this innovative recycling plant. So let’s check its important features to ascertain its viability and profitability.

Modest investment

Of course, investing in a tire pyrolysis machine warrants big money. However, a tight budget could keep you out of this profitable venture. You can resolve that problem by turning to a reputed pyrolysis plant vendor such as Beston Machinery. Beston offers a range of such plants to fit the needs and budget range of all businesses. As such, finding the plant matching your budget is easy.

Enhanced safety

A pyrolysis plant can pose real dangers of accidents and injuries. One such unfortunate incident can damage your venture and might be fatal to workers. However, the Beston’s pyrolysis plant comes enriched with added safety features. In case of any issue, the plant simply stops. In this way, any chances of accidents and injuries are rooted out.


Heavy duty plants carry a bad name for emitting harmful elements in the environment. That applies to many waste recycling and pyrolysis plants too. However, the Beston’s pyrolysis plant carries out the whole operation in a closed structure. The equipment doesn’t give out any elements that may harm the atmosphere. In fact, the plant allows you to do away with used tyres that can be a breeding place for a number of diseases.

Concluding Words

Used tyres are a big problem for people and the environment. However, it’s easy to get rid of such tyres by reusing them through the tire pyrolysis machine Indonesia. There is a useful web for you to see: By expending a reasonable sum, you can start a profitable venture and nix those waste tyres. So, why not buy this sophisticated plant and help the environment while making money from harmful waste!

Features and Advantages of Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Everybody needs a means of transportation to easily transporthimself, his goods and to render services. One of the most vital parts of a car is the tyres as without the tyres, movement from one place to another is impossible. One need not only tyres but also needs to have good quality tyres. The quality of a tyre is dependent on the resources and equipment used to make the tyre. The long lasting durability, strength and flexibility of a tyre are all tied to how good the equipment used to make the tyres is.

A tyre pyrolysis plant is a machine used for recycling or re-making waste tyres into a properly functioning new tyre. The Machine processes the used tyres and re-create the tyres using heat and pressure into a new one. The re-made tyre is very good and provides the same functions and quality as a brand new tyre. Continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant simply refers to the process of constantly re-making used tyres using pyrolysis plants to suit the demands of people around the world.

Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Features of a tyre pyrolysis plant

Different equipment is combined to form a tyre pyrolysis plant. The main features of a tyre pyrolysis plant are listed below:

  • i.Reactor: This is where the waste tyres are processed. In the reactor, heat is used to treat the tyres into the needed quality required.
  • ii.Manifold: This helps to differentiate pure or light oil from weighty oil.
  • iii.Case instrument: This is known to keep the processed oil in an optimal temperature.
  • iv.Other features of a tyre pyrolysis plant are condenser, cooling system machine, etc.
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

After the re-creation of used tyres is complete, one can enjoy every benefit of a brand new tyre form it. The benefits of a tyre made by our pyrolysis plant include the same benefits of every high quality tyre in the world. These benefits are as follows:

i. Durability: The tyres made from a pyrolysis machine enable the tyre owner to enjoy a long lasting service. The rubber is hard enough to resist easy breakage and spoilage. A tyre owner can be sure to use a pyrolysis processed tyre for years as it is made in a way that it will hardly get worn out. Thetyres have a very long life-span every person is looking for in a tyre and is sure to suit the needs of everyone in the world.

ii. Safety: The quality tyres that are made by the pyrolysis machines for sale are safe to use on the road. It easily agrees to the direction of your sterling and turns to the direction of your sterling with ease.Anyone using a pyrolysis processed tyre need not to fear while on the road as the tyres a very strong and safe and will not burst easily when in use. One is therefore advised to have a rest of mind while using a pyrolysis processed tyre as its safety is as good as 100%.

iii. Friction: Friction is the resisting force on a surface when two bodies in motion move over another. Friction also occurs when driving. The tyres produced by a pyrolysis plant provides all the necessary friction a moving body needs to pass over another with ease irrespective of if the surface is slippery.

iv. Better performance: The tyres made from a pyrolysis plant provide a high quality performance when in use. It gives the owner all the characteristics he/she is looking for in a tyre. You can count on a tyre made from a pyrolysis plant as it will serve you the way you want a tyre to serve you.

Anyone who criticises a used tyre that have been processed by a fully automatic pyrolysis plant obviously haven’t been educated enough to see that there are no differences between a brand new tyre and a pyrolysis processed tyre. A pyrolysis processed tyre provides all the great benefits of a tyre and can be used without fear. A tyre owner need not to worry at all as a pyrolysis processed tyre is very safe and efficient to use. In fact, seeing a pyrolysis processed tyre with the same eye one uses to see a brand new tyre is not a mistake as the both are made to serve the needs of tyre owners and provides the same benefits. Customers can purchase a pyrolysis processed tyre and see for themselves that it provides the same quality benefits as a brand new tyre. A tyre owner will never regret using a pyrolysis processed tyre. So feel free and use them.

All Useful Knowledge about Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant You Need is Here


Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is one of the environmental friendly machines that is used to dispose of the waste tires within our environment. From this pyrolysis of waste tires, we get carbon black, pyrolysis oil and steel wire through the recycling process of the waste. The car tires of the recent have become many onto the environment and there arose a need to recycle it into something different that can be used somewhere else. The waste tire pyrolysis machine is designed in a way that it uses the technology of high quality.

In the tire pyrolysis heating of the waste is done at a high temperature within the reactor and once it reaches optimum, the oil gas will be generated. The generated oil gas is then taken to the condenser where it is condensed into fuel oil. This oil fuel can be directly used. After the formation of oil gas, the slag of black carbon is left on the reactor. This remain is highly combustion and sometimes is referred to as biomass. The carbon can further be activated and used instead of coal in energy provision. From the pyrolysis process, 45% of the end product is pyrolysis oil, 12% is steel, 35 % is carbon and the remaining percent represent the combustible gas. So even sometimes you think the tyre pyrolysis plant cost is a little bit high, you can still get high return from the end products easily.

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost
Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

The procedure of operation of waste tire pyrolysis plant

The operation procedure of this process involves various steps that are followed to ensure it has become successful. The steps include,

Pre-treatment of the tire pyrolysis machine

In order to have a uniform and good working, it is good to pretreat the machine through the use of shredder pretreatment. For better blow, a size of around 15 cm is required.

Material feeding

The machine has a conveyor that is sealed where the material feeding can be done. Something that is good about the machine is that it is able to set the feeding speed in the whole process. For security purpose, the machine is installed with the airlock to prevent air entry to the machine.

Pyrolysis stage

At this stage, there is an indirect heating system for the waste tire. In this process, it is not easy for heat to touch with the reactor. The heating process to the reactor is connected in a unique way in that the burner is heated on hot air. If you choose a continuous pyrolysis reactor, this process will be more efficient and the whole process of the working is continuous without stop in 24 hours.


In the pyrolysis of the tire, waste cooling is very crucial in the whole process. There is pyrolysis gas that is produced but needs to be cooled onto fuel oil. This is done in the condenser.


The reactor is connected to the screw conveyor that is important to flash off. There is also a recycling cool layer that is important in preventing the carbon black from overheating and can be removed from the system.

Tire Pyrolysis Plant Price
Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Advanced technology in the pyrolysis process

The tire pyrolysis process plant has employed new international technology in the heating process of tire waste. The technology is experienced more on the heating where the machine is able to incorporate both the traditional fire heating and the new wind heating structure. One of the merits of this technology is that its life process is somehow long. This has increased efficiency in working and reduced the cost of production.

Advantages of waste tire pyrolysis machine

·The machine has used international technology in making the pyrolysis end products. The technology is able to separate all these by the use of pyrolysis process. Through this process, it plays crucial saving energy

·After the complete pyrolysis process, the combustible liquid that is formed and the liquid can be recycled back to the pyrolysis reactor. This ensures that there is enough energy and the waste gas is also discharged. These processes help in improving the working efficiency of the machine and maintain the environment.

·The design of the machine is internationally standard in its structure, high efficiency in production and use of scientific technology, the processing ability is also powerful. Finally, the collection of waste within the system is totally reasonable.

·The machine has also employed the micro negative pressure technology to make sure that the pyrolysis gas has not overflown and thus increasing the efficiency of the whole process. This helps in eliminating occurrences of any insecurity cases that might be caused by overflowing gas.


Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is the ideal machine that you need to recycle all the waste tires in the area. It does not only help in conserving the environment but also helps you to get the profit that you may need. Talk to us and all will be well because we are one of the best pyrolysis equipment manufacturers in Asia.

Should You Invest In A Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant For Your Business?

Waste tires are something you don’t want to end up tossing into a landfill. That’s not good at all. And so you’re looking at getting waste tire recycling equipment. That’s commendable, but is it the right investment for you to make? You’re going to need the capital for that type of operation, but does it require any ongoing expenses? Actually, the energy necessary to run the plant is provided by fuel derived from the recycling process?

Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia
Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia

Granted, you’re going to required to buy the waste tire recycling machine for sale in the first place. That can be a little costly, but you’ve already thought about the initial cost, right? You might not know exactly what you’re going to have to pay, but you certainly know that an investment is required. Yet it sounds like that’s all the money you’re going to be out in order to get the operation up and running.

And what about the profits? You’re going to be making the money back on your investment as you continue to recycle tires. You can get oil from tyres plant, as well as carbon black. The oil can help you power the plant, and you can also convert it into fuel to use or to sell. Then there is the carbon black, which can also help generate profits.

End Products of Tyre Oil Plant
End Products of Tyre Oil Plant

There is one more way to profit from the used tyre pyrolysis plant for sale, too. You know that tires have steel in them of course, and that steel can be recycled as well. It may not be too much money per tire, but the money adds up over time. And when it comes to the three products that you get from the tires, you’re certainly going to be turning a profit. Yet it will take you a while to make the money back for your investment.

Is it worth buying the tyre pyrolysis plant? Well, you are going to be recycling tires, and that is definitely an important venture. You have to make sense of the investment for your business though for sure. So first, you’re going to want to speak with the best tyre recycling plant manufacturers about quotes. Then once you find the right plant and know the tyre recycling machine cost you’re going to have to pay, then you can start figuring out the numbers.

You’re going to want to determine how much product you’re likely to get from the tires you recycle consistently. How much of it will be used for fuel to power the machine? What will you be selling? How much money are you going to make and how often? Once you have the answers to those questions, you will be able to determine exactly at what point you will be paying yourself back and starting to turn a profit. Beston Machinery is one of the top tyre recycling plant suppliers around the world, which can provide you with professional advice.

As long as you’re able to work in that direction, you should be fine, right? Those tires are going to keep going through the pyrolysis process, and you’re going to be continuing to turn a profit. It’s nice that you’re going to be able to continuously recycle waste tires like that. Also, you can find more videos from Beston Youtube Channel to know the working process better to help you get the most suitable business plan.

How Much is Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Price in China?

Old tyres have become a major environmental issue in recent times. Presence of waste tires in marine environments and drinking water pose great health risks. Environmentalists and governments are worried about the potential danger posed by waste tires. Through research, innovative ways have been developed to control pollution caused by tire wastes. Tyre recycling has also become a booming business. Are you looking for a tyre recycling machinery for sale? Here are some tips for you.

Tyre Recycling Equipment to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Equipment to South Africa

Tyre recycling plant also called tyre pyrolysis plant, which is suitable for processing waste tires to produce oil or diesel fuel. Tyre recycling machine price in China is competitive. You’ll get the best quality at affordable prices.

Tyre Recycling Machine Price in China and Benefits

The price of waste tyre recycling machine is economical. Should you want to invest in recycling waste tyres, you need an efficient converting machine. One important thing is to find the top tyre pyrolysis plant manufacturers. This way you’ll be able to produce products that are competitive in the market. Apart from cost-effective machines, the following are benefits of tyre recycling plant:

  • Recycling waste tires results in a cleaner environment.
  • Pyrolysis process turns waste tyres into oil or diesel fuel. This is an alternative to wood fuel. Therefore conservation of trees is enhanced.
  • Source of income – sale of products and byproducts of waste tire recycling machine earns you revenue.
  • Provision of cheaper environment-friendly products.
  • Waste tyre recycling creates employment.
  • Conducive for healthy living.
  • Recycling of waste tires results in a clean marine environment. This boosts fishing and other forms of blue economy.
  • Cleaner streets and urban centers attract investors.
  • A beautiful environment free from tyre wastes attracts tourists. This earns the country foreign exchange.

Experience the benefits of our tyre recycling machine, our machine has been exported to South Africa, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Here is a video from Beston Youtube Channel.

Recycle used plastic bottles, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, and many more cost effective to increase profitability. You stand to gain from relevant government department subsidies. Maximize your production with highly efficient plastic recycling machine price in China hassle-free.

Why Should You Buy Pyrolysis Machine from Beston?

Convert your waste tyre to oil in a tyre oil plant. You’ll produce diesel fuel of up to 95% purity. The byproducts in this pyrolysis process are carbon black and hydrocarbon gas. You can sell carbon black to be used in boiler furnaces. Moreover, a tyre recycling plant project report is very popular among investors due to the affordable price.

Over the years we’ve offered several customers across the world premium quality products. This has earned us their confidence and trust. We provide excellent customer service to help you solve any challenge you may encounter.

Our pyrolysis plant features the latest technological improvements. We always aim to give you the best and up to date equipment to meet your business needs.

Our affordable tyre recycling machine price in China gives you value for money. It’s durable and energy efficient. Our recycling equipment guarantees you many years of service.

We ship to your location in any part of the world. Currently, we’re serving active customers from the Philippines, Romania, Indonesia, South Africa, etc. We hope you’ll trust us as well.

In case you’ve any query or need a free quote for a tyre recycling machine in China, contact us today.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Buy A Tire Pyrolysis Plant

When you purchase a tire pyrolysis plant, you are making an investment in the future of your company. It makes sense to look more closely at such an investment first because you are going to want to see more about recycling those tires. It sure does pay off if you can purchase a tire pyrolysis plant, too, because you are really going to find out that people pay a lot of money for those products.

tire pyrolysis plant
tire pyrolysis plant

Now that you are aware of that fact, you can discover what the products are and why you might want to make an investment of waste tyre to oil plant in Malaysia. Black carbon is one of the interesting products, and it is in high demand. You will also be generating a fuel that you can use to power the equipment that recycles the tires. You can bank on the pyrolysis plant paying for itself and its own fuel, and that is definitely one big advantage.

In fact, you will see that the products pay for the machine and then start making you serious money. How much money depends on how many tires you recycle. You might even find yourself asking other businesses in your local area if you can have their tires so that you can recycle them. If that’s an option, why not?

Once they find out what you are doing with them, they might want some money for the tires, or they might be interested in the products you are producing. Either way, you’re the one with the tyre recycling equipment, so taking on more of the tires that need to be recycled is going to help you make even more money. Isn’t that really neat how you can make that type of money from the tires you plan on recycling?

A tire pyrolysis plant is very innovative, and you can see just why other companies are getting in on the deal. Maybe you could even team up with some area businesses to help you make this investment. You could certainly see how it could be profitable for everyone, and it could be a community recycling effort. If you decide to go ahead and recycle the tires as a community, you could split up the profits. Click here to know more:

You will have to decide where the tire recycling plant is going to be placed. You will have to determine what you are going to do with the products that are produced. Once you start seeing all of those tires being recycled, however, you are really going to like what happens next. You are going to have so much recycle product that you might not know where to turn.

Actually, by then you will know exactly where to turn, and you will be turning a profit. If you look into the companies that want these fuels, it is clear why they use them. They need them time and time again, and you can provide them after recycling tires time and time again. Now you just need to figure out which manufacturer you are going to count on in order to get the tire recycling plant for sale you need in place.