Introduction of Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

Egg tray making machine or pulp machine used as a solution for solid waste control. As industries grow and increase in population the increase of waste that destroys the environment increases. Pulp machine is a way of recycling waste paper to a solid, usable substance like egg trays, apple trays and packaging products. The egg trays can hold thirty eggs and mostly sold uncovered, and there are the egg cartons that have a top and come in different colors and designs, it can hold six, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four eggs. The egg cartoons do not have thirty egg packaging yet. The report is about an egg tray machine project report first let us get to understand the advantages then, the procedure.

Egg Tray Machine For Sale
Egg Tray Machine For Sale

Advantages of the Egg Tray Machine

In going green, it is essential to have a bio-degradable or green packaging. It is made possible due to the recycling process. It is critical for controlling solid waste to keep the environment clean. Pulp paper is not a hard material the rigidity, flexibility and slight stiffness makes it ideal for packing and making it shockproof. Eggs are sensitive goods for transportation as they break easy and they need an excellent air-permeability and hygroscopic which can be provided by the pulp paper. The trays are easily decomposed making it Eco-friendly for they do not pollute the environment. The machine can make packaging for electronic due to the anti static properties. Being a egg tray machine for sale the production has a little amount of wastewater and other wasteful products during the manufacturing process of the trays.

The Process of Making the Egg Trays

The advancing of technology has advanced to the egg tray machine by introducing the in-mould thermoforming. Whereby the end product is now smoother, attractive egg trays, different colors with precise shapes and dimensions.

The tradition process was pulping, moulding, drying and finally finishing and packaging. The pulping process involves the recycled fibre pulped inside a conventional paper machine then thoroughly cleaned and diluted. Then, the moulding and drying process, the diluted fibre is passed in a moulding machine whereby wet forming dies. Then the water is removed by a vacuum while it attracts the fibre to put on the forming dies, and a shape forms but it still has moisture left, and it is lastly dried completely removing the remaining water in the dryer tunnel, the egg tray is finished and packed for transportation.

The new technology makes it easier because the automatic machine does the moulding process. The process does not change; it remain the preparation of the pulp product or egg trays then the drying process. The difference is less energy used, and it saves time.

The four stages categorised into two parts the preparation and the moulding part. The machine uses waste paper and also an alum, rosin and wax. In the manufacturing process, there is no trace of fibrous material that is left behind in the water during the drying process. Disposing of the water does not require a water treatment facility and can also be used again; the water is also recyclable. The manufacturing does not emit harmful solids, liquid or gas to the environment; it is all eco-friendly production and also generates employment. Click here to know more:

Egg Tray Machine In Dominica
Egg Tray Machine In Dominica

General Information

The “egg tray machine project report” also, involves knowing the production. An advanced machine can produce at least 90000 pieces of egg trays in around 23 hours with four workers needed in one working shift. The drying process takes an average time for drying 12 minutes, about 3200-3700KWH of power that is electricity is for producing the standard egg tray size of 310mm x 310mm.Labour varies in the place and also the raw materials that are a waste newspaper, cardboard, cartons and other recycled paper one can get.

Eggs are very marketable and do not have a season. Eggs can be used to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is essential and is among the food that does not have a specification, that can be consumed by both vegetarians and the meat lovers. Manufacturing of egg trays is good business, low cost of production, low energy consumption, and it generates income, increase employment, reduce waste from the environment and beneficial for both the environment and individuals

The Benefits Of The Egg Tray Plant

Egg tray machines take waste paper and recycle them into egg trays. These machines are very efficient and they can make a lot of egg trays quickly. The Beston egg tray plant can also make other types of pulp trays like fruit and shoe trays. The machines are sturdy and they come in a variety of configurations so you can find the egg tray plant that works best for your needs.

The egg tray plant is a great investment and it can help your business in a variety of ways. These plants are very useful and they can help you in many ways. When you need one of these machines you will need to do some research so you can find the right machine for your needs.

egg tray plant
egg tray plant

The first thing you have to consider is how many egg trays you need to make. It is important that you choose a machine that can match your production needs and the trays need to be capable of matching your production goals. These plants are easy to use and they are very efficient. They work quickly and they can produce huge amounts of egg trays. You can find Beston latest egg tray making machine in India here.

Egg trays are strong and they can hold a lot of eggs. The trays don’t cost much money to produce since they are made out of waste material. You can often make them for free if you are using recycled materials. The trays are very strong and they are the perfect protection material for the eggs.

The machines are fully automatic and they work very well. They don’t need a lot of maintenance and they can work for a long time without needing much care. The machines are built to keep going and going and they are a great choice when you need to produce large quantities of egg trays quickly. The trays are going to be strong and they are going to do a good job of protecting the eggs.

The machines have a lot of safety features and they are safe to run. They don’t produce a lot of pollution and the sales team is going to provide you with service even after you buy the machine. They can train your workforce and they provide after sales support which is helpful if you have any issues after the sales.

The machine is going to be a great investment in your business and it can help you in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a very efficient and low-cost way to produce thousands of egg trays, the egg tray machine is going to be a great way to make the egg trays you need for an affordable price. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a machine either. Find more here:

You can find competitive prices online and you just need to spend some time comparing prices so you find what you are looking for. The machines are a great investment in your business and they can help you in a variety of ways. The egg tray machine is a great investment.

Introduction to A Top Pulp Molding Machines Manufacturer — Beston Machinery

Trees are the most precious living things on earth. One of the modern usage of “paper” is derived from pulp. This is taken from trees. Hence it is mandatory that we learn how to re-use or recycle paper for optimum use. There are different types of pulp moulding machinery for sale. They all have specific functions and they are used for manufacturing customized products. The word “mold” has been derived from the “Latin” word, to which a hint of French was added to arrive at the final meaning.

Beston Pulp Molding Machine

Company & Reliability

One such moulding machine which is widely used is the one used for manufacturing of “egg trays”, which is called egg tray making machine. Eggs are fragile by nature and hence handling them from one location to the other needs specially built trays so that they reach their destination safe and sound. One such company, after extensive research has developed various egg tray manufacturing machines, which will combine the concept of recycling of paper to produce paper egg trays. The name of the company is Beston Machinery.

The company has been leading in its industry for a number of reasons. Their efficiency output is extremely high vis a vis their production cost. To produce the trays, raw materials can be used which is easily accessible and inexpensive. This fair rotary egg tray machine price has led to a sense of credibility among the investors, buyers, retailers and a chain of distributors which are attached to the company.

The egg tray production line has been segregated into different phases, namely :

1. Pulp making system

2. Egg tray molding machine

3. Drying and Packing System

Here is a video showing the whole process of a Beston paper egg tray machine India.

Various Pulp Molding Machines for Sale

An organization is successful when it has a production line to cater to various needs. Keeping this as the central idea, Beston has separate production lines for the following products (you can check Beston Youtube Channel to watch more videos) :

  • Egg Boxes (Beston can design different egg carton machine for sale)
  • Fruit Trays
  • Seedling Nursery Trays
  • Bottle Trays

The implementation of a fully automatic egg tray production line is an advantage and it helps the company to be less dependent on labor. The users of this machinery have peculiar usages and needs. Some of them need a different type of drying system, which comes as an extra attachment. It has been noted that the drying procedure has a number of varieties like :

a. Natural Drying

b. Brick Drying Room with Carts

c. Brick Drying Room with a Conveyor Belt

d. Metal Drying Room

Different Egg Tray Drying Systems


The business of selling “eggs” is a very big and profitable business, provided it can be delivered on time with minimum breakages. Keeping that in mind, Beston has designed products which will ensure the safety of these items. The design has included the strength of the egg trays to absorb shock, not topple out of the tray and many more such things. Perseverance and innovation have made goodwill which is an ongoing process for the last 20 + years and continuing. That’s why Beston Group can be a famous pulp molding machine manufacturer in China.