How Can Tire Recycling Equipment Turn Scrap Tire Into Profit

Scrap tires have been a huge headache for nearly every country on earth. They don’t recycle well, they clog up landfills and never degrade. If you pile them up they hold water that breeds mosquitoes by the millions. Now, however, a new process looks like it’s going to revolutionize the recycling of old used tires. In fact, this process may be able to actually turn a profit from the millions of tires that are thrown away each year. Let’s take a look at the tyre recycling plant available right now.

Tyre Recycling Equipment to Canada
Tyre Recycling Equipment to Canada

Pyrolysis Is Thermal Decomposition

What the main part of this process involves is baking the tires at a very high temperature in a reactor chamber. The chamber must be oxygen free to prevent the tires from catching fire, that’s very important. Once the tires are heated to over 425 C the rubber melts down and decomposes into basic ingredients. And, as long as there is no oxygen present, there is no fire, and more importantly, no toxic fumes or poisonous emissions.

The basic products through waste pyrolysis plant are mostly oil, gas, and carbon black. Each of these is a very basic product that can be resold on the open market for a profit. The oil that comes out of the reactor chamber is, at first, a vapor because of the high heat. It is included with the combustible gases that are produced and they are both fed into a condenser that cools the oil to a liquid and sorts it into light oil, medium, and heavy.

Various End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
Various End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Each grade of oil can be sold for different purposes. Many large manufacturers use them as fuel to run their boilers. For that purpose, they can be used “as-is” with no further refining. However, they can be refined into diesel fuel or gasoline fairly easily by a refinery. Some large ships can also run on them without refining as well.

The gases that are emitted are almost always used by the pyrolysis machine itself to heat the reactor chamber. This saves money since no fuel needs to be purchased and the waste gas is used completely. Carbon black has many uses in the industrial world either manufacturing more tires or making rubber tubing. It can also be burned further as fuel and carbon recycled into other products.

Tyre Recycling Process

At the beginning of the process, the tires are usually run through a giant shredding machine that turns them into chips and removes the steel belts. The steel can also be recycled and has a high value as well.

The entire plant runs mostly off of the tires that it recycles and they are very environmentally friendly emitting very little air pollution at all. They are a huge step in cleaning up a waste tire problem that has plagued the planet for over 100 years.

If your city is looking at a giant pile of scrap tires and wondering what to do, you can install a waste recycling plant and start earning a profit right away. Get a plant from a known long-term supplier that stocks replacement and repair parts locally. Read the reviews by previous customers to see if the plants are durable and the customer service excellent. Then start profiting from waste tires.