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Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is one of the environmental friendly machines that is used to dispose of the waste tires within our environment. From this pyrolysis of waste tires, we get carbon black, pyrolysis oil and steel wire through the recycling process of the waste. The car tires of the recent have become many onto the environment and there arose a need to recycle it into something different that can be used somewhere else. The waste tire pyrolysis machine is designed in a way that it uses the technology of high quality.

In the tire pyrolysis heating of the waste is done at a high temperature within the reactor and once it reaches optimum, the oil gas will be generated. The generated oil gas is then taken to the condenser where it is condensed into fuel oil. This oil fuel can be directly used. After the formation of oil gas, the slag of black carbon is left on the reactor. This remain is highly combustion and sometimes is referred to as biomass. The carbon can further be activated and used instead of coal in energy provision. From the pyrolysis process, 45% of the end product is pyrolysis oil, 12% is steel, 35 % is carbon and the remaining percent represent the combustible gas. So even sometimes you think the tyre pyrolysis plant cost is a little bit high, you can still get high return from the end products easily.

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The procedure of operation of waste tire pyrolysis plant

The operation procedure of this process involves various steps that are followed to ensure it has become successful. The steps include,

Pre-treatment of the tire pyrolysis machine

In order to have a uniform and good working, it is good to pretreat the machine through the use of shredder pretreatment. For better blow, a size of around 15 cm is required.

Material feeding

The machine has a conveyor that is sealed where the material feeding can be done. Something that is good about the machine is that it is able to set the feeding speed in the whole process. For security purpose, the machine is installed with the airlock to prevent air entry to the machine.

Pyrolysis stage

At this stage, there is an indirect heating system for the waste tire. In this process, it is not easy for heat to touch with the reactor. The heating process to the reactor is connected in a unique way in that the burner is heated on hot air. If you choose a continuous pyrolysis reactor, this process will be more efficient and the whole process of the working is continuous without stop in 24 hours.


In the pyrolysis of the tire, waste cooling is very crucial in the whole process. There is pyrolysis gas that is produced but needs to be cooled onto fuel oil. This is done in the condenser.


The reactor is connected to the screw conveyor that is important to flash off. There is also a recycling cool layer that is important in preventing the carbon black from overheating and can be removed from the system.

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Advanced technology in the pyrolysis process

The tire pyrolysis process plant has employed new international technology in the heating process of tire waste. The technology is experienced more on the heating where the machine is able to incorporate both the traditional fire heating and the new wind heating structure. One of the merits of this technology is that its life process is somehow long. This has increased efficiency in working and reduced the cost of production.

Advantages of waste tire pyrolysis machine

·The machine has used international technology in making the pyrolysis end products. The technology is able to separate all these by the use of pyrolysis process. Through this process, it plays crucial saving energy

·After the complete pyrolysis process, the combustible liquid that is formed and the liquid can be recycled back to the pyrolysis reactor. This ensures that there is enough energy and the waste gas is also discharged. These processes help in improving the working efficiency of the machine and maintain the environment.

·The design of the machine is internationally standard in its structure, high efficiency in production and use of scientific technology, the processing ability is also powerful. Finally, the collection of waste within the system is totally reasonable.

·The machine has also employed the micro negative pressure technology to make sure that the pyrolysis gas has not overflown and thus increasing the efficiency of the whole process. This helps in eliminating occurrences of any insecurity cases that might be caused by overflowing gas.


Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is the ideal machine that you need to recycle all the waste tires in the area. It does not only help in conserving the environment but also helps you to get the profit that you may need. Talk to us and all will be well because we are one of the best pyrolysis equipment manufacturers in Asia.