Choosing Your Own Wood Charcoal Making Machine

A wood charcoal making machine, as its name implies, will take ordinary wood scraps and pieces and with several process create a top-quality wood charcoal that has many uses. This carbonated wood can be applied as a clean burning fuel for BBQs and cookouts and also has applications in the ink and rubber industries.

Furthermore, you may be connected to an industry that creates vast quantities of wood wastes and scraps, a wood charcoal making machine would allow you to convert all this waste material from a costly problem to a profitable solution.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine For Sale
Wood Charcoal Making Machine For Sale

First thing to do will be to familiarize yourself with the process of making wood charcoal. This can be described in three relatively straightforward processes.

1. Carbonization

Wood must be carbonized to be converted into charcoal and this is done in the carbonization furnace. In some of the better machines, this is done in two steps, first the wood is placed into the first stage of the process which dries it out. Once dry, the wood is automatically placed into the furnace section where high temperatures begin the carbonization process. Click here to know more:

2. Recycling Combustible Waste Gas

Through the carbonization process there will be much waste mitted from the furnace in the form of combustible gas. You will certainly want a machine that can collect this gas and reuse it in the biochar furnace, because this will reduce the costs of energy. Some of the better machines can process this gas and remove tar and wood vinegars that also have industrial use.

3. Dealing with the Smoke

Even the best wood charcoal making machines will produce a very hot smoke which can’t be discharged directly and must be processed to not be a harm to the environment or work place. A good charcoal making machine will include a dust collector, sulphur elimination system and a proper smokestack that will lower the temperatures of the waste before it is released into the atmosphere.

Choosing the Best Wood Charcoal Making Machine

When you set out to buy your wood charcoal making machine, make sure it has the following features”

1. No Residue and Reused Energy

The whole process should be done as clean and energy efficiently as possible so as not to waste product. The idea behind a good wood charcoal furnace, is that the waste smoke is processed and reused before tit is exhausted. This ensures a minimal carbon footprint from the activity.

Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine To Ghana
Wood Charcoal Manufacturing Machine To Ghana

2. Adequately Priced

The most expensive option is not always the best, you need a charcoal making machine for sale that will handle the workload you will provide. Furthermore, very cheap options and DIY endeavors can end in injury and property damage.

3. Top Quality
Be sure the machine you choose is constructed from top-quality steel and made by a reputable producer of carbon machines.

4. High efficiency

Look for the option that will give you the most output for your investment. The wood charcoal machine can be a major investment and being able to recoup this will make a big difference. A top-quality option will reuse the energy it creates and this is highly efficient.